Growing in faith, rooted in love

Since starting as a dream in 1987, with a logo drawn on a piece of notebook paper, our family-owned farm has come to life over the years. Offering a variety of plants, trees, shrubs, and more, we have everything you need to create a flourishing outdoor space.

About us

In 1983 I, Joey Burns, found myself at Alabama Christian College working on a degree in Biology, and feeling I needed more spending money. So, I did what all 20 year old kids do, and called my parents. My father (Johnnie) replied in all his wisdom “Get a Job.”  This is where our story begins...

In 1987 my grandfather, James Shoffitt, made my dream a reality when he sold us his farm. My wife, Rosalynne, and I moved back to my hometown of Grovetown in 1987 and planted the first plant bed in 1988.

I worked at Fort Gordon and Rosalynne taught school from 1988 until 1998, during this time Johnnie and Barbara (my parents) and James and Dot (my grandparents) took care of the farm (with a lot of help from our church family!).

I passed on my love for farming to my son, Joe, who graduated from UGA in 2012 with a degree in horticulture. He is now the President of our plant farm. Joseph, and his wife Samantha, can often be found chasing their daughter, Carolina Rose, around the nursery. My wife passed on her love for education to our daughter, Savannah, who is a professor at Faulkner University. Savannah, her husband John Logan, and daughter Emma Jo all live in Alabama.

Fast forward 30 years...

Today, you will find that while many of the people who made this nursery come to life, have passed on, their hardwork and belief in me are rooted into every inch of this farm. We are proud to be a family farm, and to serve our community.


Our Services



Joe and Sam run our retail and can provide you with quality service as you walk around our retail area! We provide a beautiful view, and plants at some of the best prices in town.

Our retail area is set up in an all natural setting, and we offer a variety of herbs, shrubs, perrineals, trees, etc. If we don’t have what you need in stock at our retail display area, or in one of our growing fields, we will be glad to try and find it for you.

Come on out and see what Double B has to offer!



Double B Plant Farm will sell wholesale only to customers who hold proper state licenses for live plant purchases. Once we have met with you, our crew can pull your order or drive you around to pick out what you need.

We have no minimum order requirements and walk-in customers are welcome.  We request if possible to phone ahead for availability and wholesale price list.

We accept: cash, credit card, and check.

What We Carry

Trees of branches with dark and light green leaves on blue sky. Branch of trees on the blue sky. Many branches of a tree on a blue sky with clouds. Blue clear sky in background. Spring forest.


We carry a variety of trees including:

Maples, Crape Myrtles, Hawthornes, Fruit Trees, Cryptomeria, Green Giants, Camellias, Cypress, Oaks, Japanese Maples, Tea Olives, Ligustrums, Hollies, Boxwood, Loropetulam, Chinese Pistache, Cleyera, Palm Trees and more!

The sizes vary depending on the tree, but most trees come in the following gallons: 7 gallon, 15 gallon, 25 gallon, and 45 gallon.

LOROPETALUM FRINGE FLOWER, Chinese Fringe Flower or Chinese Witch Hazel plant


We carry a variety of shrubs including:

Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Ligustrum, Loropetulam, Tea Olives, Dwarf Hawthorne, Drift Roses, Knockout Roses, Lantana, Abelia, Bottle Brush, Hostas, Snowball Viburnum, Pittosporum, Lady Banks, Juniper, Cryptomeria, Hollies, Camellias, Vitex, Wax Myrtle, and many more!

We also carry creeping phlox, ivy, jasmine, and some ground cover plants including lemon ball sedum and purple heart!

frozen blueberry, top view, macro

Fruit Bearing

Peach Tree (Belle of Georgia, Elberta), Apple (Fuji, Granny Smith, and Red Rome), Nectarine (Sun Gold), Persimmon (Fuyu), Fig (LSU Gold), and Plum (Methely and Santa Rosa), and Loquat.

We also have blueberry bushes (Tif Blue, Premier, Climax, Woodard and Pink Lemonade), Blackberry Bushes (Arapaho and Black Satin), Figs (LSU Gold and Brown Turkey), Pineapple Guava, and Pomegranites (Wonderful). 




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